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Certificate Course

Certificate Course

This is scientifically designed three months course which makes one aware of basic concepts of Yoga and Swara Vigyan (science of breath). The candidate is to attend classes for three days in a week and supposed to practice on his own for rest four days. Whatever is taught during the three months, if practiced life long, is sufficient to maintain a healthy life.

Open for both male & female candidates
Class timing : 6.00AM to 7.00AM.
Week days : Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Course Duration : three months


1. Introduction to yoga through comprehensive lectures.
2. Introduction to science of breathing (Swar Vigyan) through comprehensive lectures. 
3. Practical training for yogic Sukshm Vyayam to improve cell and Articulatory system.
4. Practical training for six beginners Asanas to improve digestive system.
5. Practical training for six spinal chord Asanas to improve central nervous system.
6. Practical training for four spinal twisting Asanas to improve liver & pancreas.
7. Practical training for four standing Asanas to improve skeletal & muscular system.
8. Practical training for six sitting Asanas to balance metabolic system.
9. Practical training for four balancing Asanas to improve skin and respiratory system.
10. Practical training for Suryanamaskar to improve circulatory system & articulatory system.
11. Practical training for Pranayam to improve the respiratory system.
12. Practical training for Udyanbandh to improve the Excretory system.
13. Practical training for Mahamudra and Yogamudra to improve the endocrine system & renial system.
14. Practical training for down facing Asanas to improve the reproductive system.
15. Practical training for Sahaj Samadhi meditation to improve organs of special sense.



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