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Since the very survival of our body is dependent upon food we eat, therefore its quantity, quality, combination of various foods and timing is obviously quite important to remain healthy. In yogic science it is said that “food is medicine and food is poison”, which signifies the fact, a particular food may be life giving for one person and poison for another. In today’s restless life most of us have completely forgotten to even notice what we are eating: life giving or poison. Indirectly this is the major cause of numerous diseases the man kind is suffering now a days. In Brahmavarchas we regularly suggest our candidates how to take healthy food, when to take it and in what quantity it should be taken in a customized way.
Again whenever we think of food the picture appears in front of us is a plate carrying oily and spicy foods. This is because now a days we are so much away from nature that natural food such as fruits, honey, salads etc. are practically out of our food dictionary. The distance from natural foods is ultimately creating deficiency in vitality and we are forced to take synthetic food supplements which develop dependency instead of making us self dependent.

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