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The course is designed for applicants suffering from dangerous diseases like rheumatism, diabetes, cancer, asthma etc. In this course the speed of teaching and progress of the candidate is totally depended upon his/her physical & mental conditions. Also this course is not time bounded. The details of various batches is as given below:


The word “Asana” means a particular posture of the body. Our institute applies these Asanas to cure the diseases. While treating a patient by using various Asanas, close vigilance is an essential part to improve the accuracy. While practicing the Asanas the number of times a Asanas is repeated, the synchronization of body movement with breathing and the duration of stay in final position play the most vital role, in fact the whole treatment and its effect is totally dependent upon this.


The word “prana” of Sanskrit means the “vital being” in our body and the word pranayama means “expansion of that vital being”. The prana is also know as the breath / (Swar) and is the backbone of yogic treatment. The great Indian book on Ayurveda “Charak Samhita” says all the physical and mental activities are governed by the breath and if a person is alive then the vital air stays at five different places with different names as: Prana, Apana, Vyana, Udana and Samana. By balancing these airs through pranayama the 72000 veins are purified and the practitioner not only gets physical and mental health but also feels spiritually elevated. While practicing pranayama, the number of times it is repeated, the place of practice, the input to output ratio of the breath plays the significant role. Pranayama should never be practiced without proper guideline of experienced trainer.


Since the very survival of our body is dependent upon food we eat, therefore its quantity, quality, combination of various foods and timing is obviously quite important to remain healthy. In yogic science it is said that “food is medicine and food is poison”, which signifies the fact, a particular food may be life giving for one person and poison for another. In today’s restless life most of us have completely forgotten to even notice what we are eating: life giving or poison. Indirectly this is the major cause of numerous diseases the man kind is suffering now a days. In Brahmavarchas we regularly suggest our candidates how to take healthy food, when to take it and in what quantity it should be taken in a customized way.

Again whenever we think of food the picture appears in front of us is a plate carrying oily and spicy foods. This is because now a days we are so much away from nature that natural food such as fruits, honey, salads etc. are practically out of our food dictionary. The distance from natural foods is ultimately creating deficiency in vitality and we are forced to take synthetic food supplements which develop dependency instead of making us self dependent.

In this situation the question arises “what are the alternatives we have?” It is a fact that the fruit of a plant contains all the qualities responsible for complete growth of a plant, in other word, fruits symbolize self dependent process of nature. This is why people who eat fruits don’t need synthetic food supplements rather develop high immunity and become internally strong. In true sense the fruits are the blessings of the nature.


Ayurvedic therapy is based upon the balance of three errors (Tridosha) viz: Bile(Pitta), Air(Batta), cough(Kapha). Yogic curing system also believes in the same. Any practitioner of yoga enrolled in our institute is given assistance in consulting Ayurvedic doctors if the institute feels such needs.


Naturopathy way of treatment uses natural food, light, heat, massaging, fresh air, soil, water etc. in a balanced way such that a natural curing environment is created. Naturopathy promotes the theory “prevention is better than cure”. The biggest benefit of this system is it has no side effects.

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