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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yog

“Recreate yourself”

What is pregnancy yoga?
In our Organization, we deal with complete health management of a woman. Her health is very important for a child growth. We have the health program starting from the teenage. This is the age at which every woman should start practicing yoga for maintaining health and also to avoid any complications at the pregnancy phase and also till her menopause. Therefore, we have the “Healthy Mother and Baby Program” under which we have different categories like Puberty and teenage program, Pre-marital health program etc, till Menopause Health Program.

Benefits of pregnancy yoga:
· Reduces pregnancy complications like morning sickness, headache, back pain
· Corrects hormonal imbalances
· Improves blood circulation to ovaries and uterus
· Corrects nutritional deficiencies
· Appropriate growth of the baby
· Increases lung capacity
· Helps in normal delivery
· Reduces pain during and after delivery
Pregnancy yoga also takes care of the beauty aspect of the woman – before, during, and after pregnancy:
· Figure management before and after pregnancy
· Stretch marks during pregnancy
· Hyper-pigmentation during and after pregnancy
· Reduces hair fall

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help you reap health benefits like stress reduction and a decrease in a woman’s fear of childbirth, according to researchers.

A new report from Manchester University researchers finds that it can ease stress and reduce women’s fear of childbirth by a third.

In addition to its many other health benefits for pregnant women, including reduced cortisol levels, less difficult birth plus more full term and healthy weight neonates, pregnancy yoga is a low cost intervention too.

Yoga teacher Natasha Harding has two children that she delivered naturally using her skills in the art.

“Yoga is a wonderful exercise to try during pregnancy, when you naturally want to take it a bit easier. It’s ideal to ease many of the ailments that women suffer from when they’re pregnant such as backache, sciatica and general aches and pains,” she said.

“By maintaining a regular yoga practice during pregnancy the positions will become second nature with the aim being that the woman can have a more active labour with less intervention.

“My second baby was born in 51 minutes. It was because of the fact I did yoga every single day and felt so strong during the birth,” he added.





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