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Benefits Of Yoga For School Brahmavarchas began an effort to bring the root of Yoga into our social culture; that’s why we bring the “Yoga For School” package for children in our schools and colleges. As we know the practice of yoga reenergises our body and soul as well as improves our self control by controlling our energies within. It is so effective that it rejuvenates the cells, organs and systems of the body. So if our loving child performs these practices since early childhood then we can imagine his power of thinking or observing or analysing etc. It will be beneficial for our kids in following ways:

Reduces Absenteeism: Yoga For School revitalizes the immune system and the major organs of the body. In this course the children will not be absent in their regular activities due to any sickness.

Improves IQ: Yoga synchronizes the whole body systems in such a manner that any self controlled person can flow his all the energy for a particular purpose or in a single direction at a moment. That’s why any children can improve his IQ.

Keeps away from Phobia In the modern era of saturation everybody wants that their children become a genius. This thinking of guardians creates a pressure on the children’s mind. So the fear of unsuccessful is a common problem for children. Yoga saves our loving ones from these all type of Phobias.

Develop Leadership Qualities Leaders always have few extraordinary qualities like quick decisions, strong decisions and right decision in any circumstances of life. We always know these properties as God gifted qualities for a person. But all these qualities can be developed in a child by regular yoga practice. That’s the way our children may become Leader.

Goal Oriented Life: Yoga always makes our children engage with their dreams. So they always try to fulfil their desires by themselves. So this way they always live a purposeful and goal oriented life.

We can  know   few  more benefits of Yoga in following list:     yoga for school II

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